July 2018

When it came to planning ahead for our little girls education, I was faced with all sorts of challenges to promote her safety as well as emotional concerns in trusting an educational authority to look after her. My daughter has brittle bones therefore it was incredibly difficult to face her next chapter of preschool and getting ready for school. The staff at Chudleigh Pre-School are simply brilliant, the care and encouragement they have provided our daughter with in the lead up to school has helped her to become more confident and integrated in socialising with other children of her age. She built up a great relationship with her one-to-one carer who supported her with care and great understanding of her needs as well as my emotional concerns. The manager and one-to-one carer reassured me and helped me to apply for things that I was entitled to due to my daughter’s disability. They supported me in my application for an Education and Health care plan and have gone beyond any expectations that I had in their professionalism and involvement. I can’t recommend enough Chudleigh Pre-School for their integrity, passion and care in dealing with children especially those with extra care needs. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.