Chudleigh Pre-school aims to be clear and transparent to parents about their entitlement to funded education for their children and about any situations whereby additional payment is required.

Children may attend Chudleigh Pre-school from the age of two years. Chudleigh Pre-School accepts three types of funding (2 year old, Universal Early Years Entitlement (often called 15 hour funding) and Extended Early Years Entitlement Funding (often called 30 hour funding) – Please see for information on funding. For children who are not eligible for funding or attend more than one setting and/or exceed their maximum funded entitlement are asked to pay for those hours above the allowance.

Invoices are issued half termly and is payable in advance. This is stated in the hand book and raised when relevant during the initial contact with parents. Chudleigh Pre-School accepts payment by internet banking (preferred method), cheque, cash or child care vouchers.

Chudleigh Pre-School is also a registered provider with the Tax Free Childcare scheme.

Current Rate

The current level of fees is £4.70 per hour and is payable half-termly in advance. However, in accordance with the inclusion policy, the option of payment in smaller instalments is available should a parent wish it. This information is stated in the Parents hand book and on the invoice terms and conditions.

From September 2018 a registration fee of £10.00 per child will apply for all new children.


Term dates charging are based on those of Chudleigh Primary School and are displayed on the website and on notice boards and the newsletter.

Session times are clearly stated in the hand book and application form, and parents are reminded on a regular basis, via the newsletter and email, how they are able to increase their weekly sessions so that they can access more of their funding entitlement should they wish to do so.


All parents whose children are eligible to claim funding are required to sign the termly Headcount form from Devon County to state how much of their EYE entitlement they wish to claim. Parents are responsible for ensuring they know the hours claimed at each provider. Chudleigh Pre-School has to sign to say we hold a copy of each child’s birth certificate on record and have seen the original.


Chudleigh Pre-School will monitor attendance in order to ensure compliance with Devon County Council’s Provider Agreement. This involves recording reasons for absence.

Chudleigh Pre-School will work with families to resolve any attendance issues, which may include altering funded hours for future terms, or reducing paid for hours until a debt has been cleared. Holidays during term time can be funded up to two weeks.

For holiday periods of longer than two weeks Chudleigh Pre-School will discuss options available to parents as per the Provider Agreement.

Invoice Terms and Conditions

  • Payment to be made on receipt of invoice or by date shown.
  • Payment is required for the place at pre-school, whether the child attends all hours covered by this invoice or not.
  • Should this invoice remain outstanding by the start of the next new term, no hours above those paid for by the Early Years Entitlement will be offered until the debt has been cleared.
  • Copy of our T&C’s